The Andrews Family of Bloom Kansas

Jay Straney Andrews and Eva Mildred Dilley

In San Francisco on their honeymoon in 1915

Jay Straney Andrews (December 9, 1888-June 30, 1983) was the son of Oscar Jacob Andrews (March 9, 1846-February 7, 1940) and Margaret Ann Straney Andrews (December 18, 1855-December 21, 1942). He was born in a frame house on the Andrews ranch near Bloom, Kansas. The family was very proud of the frame house, but shortly after Jay was born, the doctor dropped by and ordered them to take the newborn baby back to the old sod house if they didn't want him to die of pneumonia. Jay was later very chagrined that he had not actually been born in a sod house like many of his contemporaries.

Jay had one sister, Vesta A. Andrews (April 27, 1994-May 1970). After the deaths of their parents, Vesta became estranged from her brother, and little is known of her later life. Her last known address was in Denver, Colorado.

Eva Mildred Dilley (January 22, 1895-October 10, 1942) married Jay in 1915. They had five children: Early photos of the Jay S. Andrews family
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Eva Andrews died in 1942. In 1946 he married Ruth Salmans, a widow with three daughters: (More on the Salmans branch of the family to come.)