Jean Atkinson: daughter of Dorothy Lall Langslow Atkinson.

Luther Coleman Hornsby, brother of William Henry Hornsby, Jr. No known photo him found so far; this is his memorial stone.

Edward Bridgewater Langslow, father of Marjorie Frances Langslow Hornsby

A holiday dinner, probably at the house of Dr. Powell and Auntie. Included are Auntie (braided hairdo), Dr. Powell (tie and vest), Mary Stuart Andrews, Donna Andrews, Pawpaw (W. H. Hornsby, Jr., suit and tie), Mummaw (Marjorie Frances Hornsby, white blouse).

Alternate shots of Marjorie Frances Langslow Hornsby

Stanley Montgomery Hornsby, Jr., son of Stanley Montgomery Hornsby, the brother of W.H. Hornsby, Jr.